Palikū Documentary Films is a Hawaiian-owned full service production company focusing on projects with an emphasis on Hawaiian culture and perspective. The mission of PDF is to amplify the Native voice through mainstream media. We specialize in projects requiring cultural sensitivity and knowledge, which lay outside of the typical skill set of other video production companies. Our strong understanding of both Hawaiian language and culture differentiate our products and services from other production companies in Hawai’i.

Na’alehu Anthony


Native Hawaiian filmmaker and is the founder of Palikū Documentary Films and has a vast array of experience in the film industry and has been immersed in the Hawaiian community throughout his life. His desire to give voice to Hawaii’s stories as told by Hawaiians from our perspective is the very reason Nāʻālehu pursued a career in film and television. Nāʻālehu’s other great passion is being a part of the voyaging community. As a crewmember since 1995 and more recently as a captain aboard Hōkūleʻa, his voyaging experiences have shaped and defined him as a person and been the focal point for his films.